(4/28) Dr. Lauren Aleksunes

Dr. Lauren Aleksunes

Rutgers University
School for Pharmacy and Toxicology

Friday, April 28, 2022
Room 120 – Meyerhoff Chemistry Building
Host:  Dr. Kamal Seneviratne

“Clues to Predicting Cancer Drug Toxicity in Patients”


Chemotherapy requires balancing the beneficial and the toxic effects of anticancer drugs. This presentation will explore risk factors for kidney toxicity in patients receiving the drug cisplatin, which is a mainstay treatment for solid tumors of the ovary and lung.  Cisplatin requires active uptake into the kidney which is the first step in causing toxicity. We will discuss how modulation of transporters through genetics and drug interactions can determine patients at greater risk of toxicity. Using a range of in vitro, in vivo, and human subjects studies, we have established a translational science approach to studying cisplatin-induced renal injury.