(9/3) Dr. Marc Ferrer

Dr. Marc Ferrer
National Institutes of Health

Friday, September 3, 2021
12:00 Noon
Host:  Dr. Chengpeng Chen

“Drug Screening with Biofabricated Tissue Models”


Biofabrication of architecturally defined and physiologically relevant human tissues is emerging as a key technology for pre-clinical drug development.  The expectation is that 3D biofabricated tissues produced using human iPSC-derived or primary cells will provide functionally and physiologically relevant assay platforms to test small molecules during drug discovery, and help narrow the gap between current simplistic in-vitro cell assays, non-predictive in-vivo animal models, and human clinical trials.  Tissue biofabrication integrates advances in tissue engineering technologies and cell biology, with the use of three-dimensional (3D) bioprinters, biocompatible polymers and hydrogels, and methods to validate the morphology and function of human tissues.  I will be presenting some of the work that it is ongoing at the 3D Tissue Model Laboratory at NCATS to implement rapid, scalable, and reliable biofabrication of architecturally and physiologically defined functional human tissue models in multiwell-plate assay platforms for disease modeling and drug screening