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(10/30) Dr. Marcin Ptaszek

Dr. Marcin Ptaszek

Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry
October 30, 2020
12:00 Noon

“Engineering Novel Optical Properties in Weakly and Strongly Conjugated Hydroporphyrin Arrays”

Hydroporphyrins, chlorins and bacteriochlorins are synthetic analogs of photosynthetic pigments. They possess a set of unique optical and photochemical properties, which make them suitable for a variety of medicinal and energy-related applications. These properties can be further expanded by arranging hydroporphyrins into multipigment arrays, with varied degree of interpigment electronic communication. Thus, weakly conjugated arrays enable development of a new generation of fluorohpores for in vivo multicolor imaging. Strongly conjugated arrays can function as polarity-sensitive fluorescence probes and photosensitizers as well as models for photosynthetic reaction centers.