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Fall 2018 Seminar Schedule

All Seminars are held at noon in Room 120 of the Meyerhoff Chemistry Building

Keep an eye on this page for upcoming seminars!


Dr. Megan McEvoy, Department of Microbiology, UCLA; September 28th, 2018

Dr. Brain Miller, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Florida State University; October 5th, 2018

Dr. Taekjip Ha, Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry &  Biomedical Engineering October 19th, 2018

Dr. Martin Safo, Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University; November 2nd, 2018

Dr. Christy Landes, Department of Chemistry; Rice University; November 9th, 2018

Dr. Tuan Vo-Dinh, Department of Chemistry, Duke University; November 16th, 2018

Dr. Kylie Walters, NCI, Structural Biophysics Laboratory, NIH, November 30th, 2018