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Fall 2020 Seminar Series

Fall 2020 Virtual Seminar Schedule

Dr. Chengpeng Chen – Chemistry Biochemistry Department Seminar Coordinator
Instructions to log onto ALL webinars scheduled @12:00 Noon:
1. Turn on the Webex software
2. Paste the following link to the box under “Join a Meeting” in Webex:
3. Please mute yourself unless you have a question to ask.


9/18/2020 – Dr. Mike Summers, UMBC, Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry, “Structural Basis for Transcriptional Control of HIV-1 RNA Fate”

9/25/2020 – Dr. Delphine Nna Mvondo – The Center of Space and Sciences Technology (CSST)/NASA GSFC, “Chemistry on Titan’s Exotic Surface: Astrobiological Potential of an Ocean World.”

10/02/2020-  Dr. Christian Kaiser, John Hopkins University, School of Medicine – “Dissecting co-translational folding in vitro and in vivo.”

10/09/2020 – Dr. Minji Kyoung – Title TBA

10/16/2020 – Dr. Bradley Arnold – “Photo-induced Electron Transfer in Microheterogeneous Environments. Mimicking Photosynthetic Reaction Centers.”

10/23/2020 – Dr. Jennifer Glass, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Tech, “Ironing Out Life’s First Breaths”

10/30/2020- Dr. Marcin Ptaszek – Title TBA

11/06/2020- Dr. Joe Bennett, “Atomistic Insights into Safer Water, Cleaner Energy, and New Materials from Density Functional Theory”

11/13/2020 – Dr. Chris Geddes – “Plasmonic Electricity: Fluorophore-induced Plasmonic Current”

12/04/2020 – Dr. Kathie Seley-Radtke – UMBC, Department of  Chemistry/Biochemistry, “Flex-nucleosides – a strategic approach to broad-spectrum antiviral therapeutics”