FALL 2021
Webinar Schedule

Dr. Chengpeng Chen – Chemistry Biochemistry Department Seminar Coordinator
Instructions to log onto ALL webinars scheduled Fridays @12:00 Noon
1. Turn on the Webex software
2. Paste the following link to the box under “Join a Meeting” in Webex:  https://umbc.webex.com/meet/cpchen
3. Please mute yourself unless you have a question to ask.




9/3/2021 – Dr. Marc Ferrer, NCATS (National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences),NIH  “Drug Screening with Biofabricated Tissue Models”

9/17/2021 – Dr. Kate Buettner, Gettysburg College, Department of Chemistry, “Developing Hydrolytic Mini-Metalloennymes using De Novo Proteins”

9/24/2021- Dr. N.B. Singh, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry & Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, “Evolution of Nanoengineered Materials: Electronic, Optical, Radiological, Bio and Energy Storage Applications”

10/1/2021 – Dr. Shiladitya DasSarma, University of Maryland, School of Medicine, ” Extremophilic Enzyme Structure-Function Analysis and Buoyant Nanoparticles for Protein Display”

10/8/2021 – Dr. Aaron Smith, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry, “Structural and Regulatory Elements of Post-Translational Arginylation”

10/15/2021 Dr. Xi (Hill) Liu, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, “Engaging Anaphase Catastrophe to Eradicate Aneuploid Cancers”

10/22/2021 Dr. Wojciech Macyk, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland, Department of Inorganic Chemistry, “Merging catalysis with photocatalysis – how can we profit from this combination?”

10/29/2021 – Dr. Mei He, University of Florida, Department of Pharmaceutics, “3D tissue microenvironment and extracellular vesicles”