FALL 2022
Seminar Speaker Series

Drs. Joe Bennett and Deepak Koirala
Chemistry/Biochemistry Department Seminar Coordinators
 Seminars are held on Fridays at 12 noon in Room 120 of the Meyerhoff Chemistry Building


 Seminar Speakers for FALL 2022

09/09/2022 – Dr. Syed Saif Hasan – University of Maryland, School of Medicine – “Structural Forces Shaping the Evolution of Intra-Cellular Trafficking of SARS-CoV-2 Spike”

09/16/2022 – Dr. Ann Valentine – Temple University, Department of Chemistry – Bioinorganic Chemistry of Mineralized Titanium”

09/23/2022 – Dr. Bess Vlaisavljevich – University of South Dakota, Department of Chemistry – “Insights from Multireference Electron Correlation Methods in Transition Metal Chemistry”

09/30/2022 – Dr. Efrain Rodriquez – University of Maryland, College Park – Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry – “Breaking Summetry to Induce Novel Properties in Inorganic Materials”

10/14/2022 – Dr. Matthew Lockett – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill -“Oxygen as an overlooked reagent in cell culture: The need for better 3D tissue and tumor model systems”

10/21/2022 – Dr. Peter Nemes – University of Maryland, College Park -“Single-cell Mass Spectrometry is discoveries in Cell and Neurobiology”

10/28/2022 – Dr. James Nathan Hohman – University of Connecticut, Department of Chemistry, “Shining Light on Crystallographic Dark Matter”

11/04/2022 – Dr. Melissa Zastrow – University of Houston, Department of Chemistry, “Illuminating Metal Ions in the Gut Microbiota”

11/11/2022 – Dr. Sarah Woodson – Johns Hopkins University, Department of Biophysics, “Co-transcriptional Assembly of Ribosomal RNA”