FALL 2023
Seminar Speaker Series

Drs. Joe Bennett and Deepak Koirala
Chemistry/Biochemistry Department Seminar Coordinators
 Seminars are held on Fridays at 12 noon in Room 120 of the Meyerhoff Chemistry Building


9/8 – Dr. Peter Espenshade – Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine – “Targeting Lipid Metabolism in Pancreatic Cancer”

9/15 – Dr. Andrew Lowell – Virginia Tech, Department of Chemistry – “Forgotten antibiotics: Semisythetic approaches and biosynthetic studies”

9/22 – Dr. Andrew Rappe – University of Pennsylvania, Department of Chemistry – “Finding yourself in Chemistry: opportunities for students in energy research”

9/29 – Dr. Xiaobo Zhong – University of Connecticut, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences – “Better Understand subcellular trafficking and distribution of siRNA drugs using imaging systems”

10/13 – Dr. Chengpeng Chen – UMBC, Depart of Chemistry – “3D-Printed Modular and Scalable Micrfluidics to Investigate ECM’s Roles in Modulating Cell Metabolome”

10/20 – Dr. Jinwei Zhang – NIH, Laboratory of Molecular Biology – “Recognition amd mimicry of the tRNA fold”

10/27 – Dr. Darrin York – Rutgers, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology – “How ribozymes work: mechanistic strategies of natural and artifically engineered RNA enzymes”

11/03 – Dr. Carol Manhart – Temple University, Department of Chemistry – Title and Abstract to Follow

11/17 – Dr. Ian Blair – University of Pennsylvania, Department of Systems Pharmacology and Translational Therapeutics – “Mass Spectrometry-based Quantitative Proteomics to Inform Cardiovascular Therapeutic Development “

12/01 – Dr. Inhee Chung – George Washington, School of Medicine and Health Sciences -“Decoding the Biomechanics of the Invasive Progression of Ductal Carcinoma in Situ

12/08 – Nicole Benedek – Cornell University – Department of Materials Science and Engineering – Title and Abstract to Follow