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Lab safety memo for Volunteers

Safety Memo for Volunteers

Please download the file above, fill out the details and have both the student and parent or guardian print their names and sign off on the letter, Send the letter to Dennis Cuddy, who will return the final copy back to both the PI and the Student.


Date: ______________

To whom it may concern:

My name is _____________________ and I’ve recently communicated with Dr. ________________, at UMBC’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.  After a few meetings and touring the laboratory with Dr. ______________ I asked for permission to study under his/her direction.  I will be allowed to do so, but with a few conditions.

I realize that this is a research laboratory and that the standard rules and regulations of safe laboratory practices will apply to me. I agree to take on line training and will ask those more knowledgeable than myself how to operate equipment or machinery that I may not be familiar with. I will not perform unauthorized experiments. I also understand that I may be working in dangerous conditions and will follow proper precautions and laboratory procedures.  Above all I realize that I will be given guidance but that I am ultimately responsible for my own actions.

Although I am not receiving any academic credit from UMBC, I still want to pursue this opportunity for my own personal knowledge to further my education.  With permission, I hope that this experience will prove to be insightful.




___________________________                  __________________________________

Signature:                                                        Print Name:



___________________________                  __________________________________

Parent signature:                                             Print Name:




Dennis P. Cuddy

Manager, Administration and Facilities

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry




CC: Michael Pound

UMBC Environmental Safety and Health