Faculty in the Department are actively engaged in research, contracts and consulting with many industrial firms and government research labs. There is extensive private external support for a number of ongoing projects in the department. Some of the partners with which faculty are currently interacting include:
Dionex Corp. 
Martin-Marietta Inc.
Novozymes of America
Becton Dickinson & Co.
Genzyme Corp.
Northrup Grumman Corporation
Pfizer Inc.
Eli Lilly Co.
MedImmune Inc.
Bioanalytical Systems Inc.
Columbia Technologies LLC
W.R. Grace & Co.
ITT Industries
ChemImage Corporation
ImQuest Biosciences
The National Institute of Standards and Technology
Applied Physics Lab (Johns Hopkins University)
Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry (NIH)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (U.S. DOE)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (U.S. DOE)
Army Research Laboratory (U.S. DOD)
Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (USDA)
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (U.S. DOD)
Army Research Office (U.S. DOD)
Shimadzu USA

All faculty are happy to entertain informal inquiries to which they might provide assistance. If you are interested in seeking assistance, consulting or a collaboration, either contact individual faculty members whose research profiles seem appropriate, or contact the department chair to assist you in locating the appropriate individual.

Brian Cullum, Department Chair