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Campus resources

UMBC’s Career Center offers undergraduate and graduate Chemistry and Biochemistry Students resources and assistance at all stages of their academic career. They also host a major career fair each fall and spring.  From figuring out what you can do with your major, to getting help compiling a resume or CV and interviewing to finding a part-time job while on campus or full time professional employment, the Career Center can help.  Please see their calendar of events.  You may also subscribe to their group through myUMBC to receive email information about their events.

Regional Resources

 Maryland’s Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (PROMISE) is a professional development program available to all University System of Maryland graduate students.  A list of upcoming events to support a variety of career pathways can be found on their website.   You may also subscribe to their group through myUMBC to receive email information about their events.

 Beyond UMBC

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is perhaps the very best place to start to familiarize yourself with the myriad career possibilities afforded those with degrees in chemistry and biochemistry. Membership in the ACS is not required to access the annotated informational links we’ve collected below, but membership can be quite useful in terms of actually finding the job you want when the time for that comes. The cost of membership for undergraduate and graduate students is ~$75/year. This avails you of access to the Society’s bi-weekly publication Chemical and Engineering News, which carries new job adds and career related literature with each edition. In addition, you have access to searching a larger database of jobs at the website and considerable assistance of the Society for employment-seeking members. Below are links to two important areas of the ACS website for career related information, but you can only follow most of the links if you are a member.

Application for membership to ACS

ACS web site on career opportunities and resources

Some companies offer entry-level rotation programs for leadership development, such as Northrup Grumman’s Future Technical Leaders Program for graduate students and post-docs.

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab


The COACh program offers workshops to women scientists and engineers at the graduate and post-doc level to help assist in career aspirations.  Travel support is provided.

What can I do with my Chemistry/Biochemistry degree?

Finally, no matter what level you are working at, your advisor or thesis mentor should be able to give you some help with thinking about careers. Don’t be too reticent consult them!! (After all, you’re going to have to start knocking on doors sometime if you’re serious about a career