Ways to Give

As a Department that is active in consulting and supporting local and national scientific and technical concerns, we are on occasion the recipients both of monetary and in-kind donations by these businesses. Monetary support for our teaching and research missions can be donated to the Chemistry General Fund. There are also a number of standing scholarship funds to which it is possible to support:

Victor Vitullo Award for Research
Named after a former distinguished member of the department, the Vitullo award honors an undergraduate student in Chemistry/Biochemistry for research excellence.

John Mittino Award for Chemistry Service
Awarded for exceptional level of service in the Chemistry Department.

Lise Satterfield Scholarship
The Satterfield scholarship was established in 2001.. Dr. Satterfield has established criteria for the award which recognizes an outstanding junior in chemistry with research experience.

Donald Creighton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established by Arlene G. Creighton and family to support students in the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Generally awarded to a junior Biochemistry major.

We are also happy to arrange for the receipt of in-kind contributions. If you are interested in supporting our programs by any of these means, please contact Dr. Zeev Rosenzweig.


Brian Cullum, Department Chair