Elective list for Majors Spring 2024

CHEM 490/684 Special Topics in Dynamics and Mechanism, Dr. Bradley Arnold

Area: Physical Chemistry.  Discussion of modern experimental methods and theories used to describe chemical kinetics as applied to the elucidation of mechanisms of organic and biochemical reactions.


CHEM 490/684 RNA Structure & Function, Dr. Deepak Koirala

Areas: Biochemistry, Structure Biology.  This interdisciplinary course is designed for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in chemistry, biochemistry, or biology programs to provide a comprehensive overview of recent advances and future perspectives about the marvelous world of functional RNA structures. The course discusses the fundamental aspects of RNA structures, RNA structure determination methods and strategies, functional and regulatory RNA systems, and RNA-based therapeutics. These aspects of RNA structure and function are discussed using the most recent research literature.


CHEM 490/654 Advanced Synthetic Methods, Dr. Marcin Ptaszek

Area: Organic Chemistry. The course surveys modern methods of organic synthesis, including classical approaches (enolate chemistry, pericyclic reactions) and new methods (metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions, olefin metathesis). Scope and limitations for each method is discussed. Each method is illustrated by exemplary applications in total synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and materials chemistry, from the current chemical literature.


CHEM 490/684 Advanced NMR Spectroscopy, Dr. Michael Summers

Areas: Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry. This course focuses on theoretical aspects of solution-state NMR spectroscopy and their applications to chemical and biological systems. NMR theory is described using principles of classical and quantum mechanical physics.  Emphasis is placed on theories behind methods commonly used for biomolecular structure/function studies, including the nuclear Overhauser effect, sensitivity enhancement of insensitive nuclei, and multi-dimensional NMR methods.






All elective courses listed above are approved for both CHEM and BIOC Majors.