Elective list for Majors Fall 2024

CHEM 467/667 Advanced Analytical Methods, Dr. Zeev Rosenzweig

Area: Analytical Chemistry.  This course will focus on cutting-edge methods for chemical and biochemical analyses pulled from current literature. The focus of this course will be on providing insight into the fundamentals of each method as well as the molecular information that can be obtained from the various methodologies discussed as well as current advances in these areas.


CHEM 490/684 Molecular Imaging for Drug Discovery, Dr. Songon An

Area: Biochemistry. This class is designed for students who are interested in learning how chemical and biochemical concepts are integrated to explore biological processes in cellular contents and further how such advanced knowledge is incorporated to develop high-throughput screening assays for novel drug discovery. The class will not only introduce the fundamentals of biochemical concepts conventionally applied in biochemistry but also present their recent applications in life sciences and translational medicine.


CHEM 490/684 Bioanalytical Lab on a Chip, Dr. Chengpeng Chen

Area: Analytical Chemistry. This course will focus on fabrication of microfluidic devices and their application in bioanalytical chemistry. The course material will mainly come from literature published in high-impact journals. In this class, students will learn the general ideas of microfluidics, as well as how to implement this technology to answer specific biological questions. 


Chem  490/684 Introduction to Polymer Chemistry, Dr. Lisa Kelly

Areas: Materials Science, Physical Chemistry.  This course is an introductory polymer chemistry course.  Emphasis will be on fundamental aspects of polymer synthesis, characterization of polymer properties and specialty materials based on different polymer architectures.  Topics will include kinetics of polymerization (free radical, condensation, anionic), thermodynamics of polymeric macromolecules (determination of molecular weight and size, phase diagrams) and photopolymerization and optical properties of polymers.  Current literature will be used to survey useful polymer architectures (nanoparticles, conducting polymers, specialty materials) in the context of fundamental polymer properties.  Intended for upper level chemistry/biochemistry, chemical engineering and physics undergraduate students or graduate students.  Prerequisites:  Chem 352 and Chem 301 or 303; or permission of instructor.


CHEM 490/684 Introduction to Fluorescence Sensing, Dr. Marcin Ptaszek

Areas: Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Spectroscopy.  This course introduces the principles of fluorescence sensing as well as selected applications of fluorescence spectroscopy in analytical chemistry, medicine and biochemistry. Topics include a survey of fluorophores, examples of intracellular sensing of physicochemical parameters and small molecules of biological importance, labeling of biomacro-molecules, fluorescence enzyme activity assays, and the application of fluorescence spectroscopy in diagnosis of various diseases.  The course is partly based on current literature readings.


CHEM 490/684 Advanced Medicinal Chemistry, Dr. Katherine Seley-Radtke

Areas: Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry.  Principles of medicinal chemistry, including modern rational approaches to drug design and development will be covered using a literature-based, discussion approach. Topics for discussion may include, for example, issues with various types and classes of drugs, current topics in the literature related to medicinal chemistry and drug design, as well as new approaches and tools for therapeutic uses, and specific case studies.


All elective courses listed above are approved for both CHEM and BIOC Majors.