Elective list for Majors Spring 2022

CHEM 455/655 Biomedicinal Chemistry, Dr. Katherine Seley-Radtke

Areas: Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry. This survey course provides an introduction to
drug design, discovery and development processes from a biological, organic chemistry and
mechanistic standpoint. Basic principles of drug design and development, including modern
rational approaches, various drug targets, the design and mechanistic features of various
classes of inhibitors and prodrugs, DNA interactive drugs, toxicity, development of resistance,
and patent issues will be covered.

CHEM 490/684 Special Topics in Dynamics and Mechanism, Dr. Bradley Arnold

Area: Physical Chemistry. Discussion of modern experimental methods and theories used to
describe chemical kinetics as applied to the elucidation of mechanisms of organic and
biochemical reactions.

CHEM 490 The Chemistry and Biochemistry of Brewing II, Steve Frazier and Dr. Paul

Areas: Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry. This interdisciplinary course provides an in-depth
exploration of the chemical and biochemical processes fundamental to the different stages of
the brewing process. Topics will include an overview of wort production, yeast physiology
and biochemistry, fermentation, beer finishing, beer aging, and sensory evaluation of the
finished product. Integral to the course is the exploration of how fundamental chemical and
biochemical processes affect different aspects of the brewing process as well as specific
qualities of the beer produced.

CHEM 490/684 RNA Structure & Function, Dr. Deepak Koirala
Areas: Biochemistry, Structure Biology. This interdisciplinary course is designed for upper-
level undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in chemistry, biochemistry, or biology
programs to provide a comprehensive overview of recent advances and future perspectives
about the marvelous world of functional RNA structures. The course discusses the
fundamental aspects of RNA structures, RNA structure determination methods and
strategies, functional and regulatory RNA systems, and RNA-based therapeutics. These
aspects of RNA structure and function are discussed using the most recent research

*All 400 level Chemistry Courses are approved as electives for the undergraduate major in