Nano@UMBC is your portal to all things nano at UMBC. It highlights many of the cutting-edge research groups at UMBC with a focus on translational nanoscience. The research spans several disciplines and departments and represented the multidisciplinary research occurring on our campus. Current research efforts focus on, for example, the development of novel biosensor receptors for prolonged physiological sensing and pre-symptomatic disease diagnosis, the development of biocompatible nano-biomaterials for implantable medical devices, and the development of novel nanoparticle based theranostics to name a few.

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Faculty with Research Interests in Nanoscience


Brian Cullum

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Cullum Group Website


Minjoung Kyoung

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Kyoung Group Website

 Versatile cell_merged 3

Marie-Christine Daniel

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Daniel Group Website


Zeev Rosenzweig

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Rosenzweig Group Website


Christopher Geddes

Geddes Site

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Institute of Fluorescence

Geddes Group Website

 Prism 3

Matthew pelton

Pelton Site

Department of Physics

Laboratory for Optical Studies of Nanoscale Physics