Drug Discovery/Synthesis

Development of new agents with potential for beneficial impact on human health is an area of significant interest in the Department. This entails both chemical synthesis and also studies seeking to understand the molecular basis of the intended or known pharmacological action. Specific projects cover a broad spectrum of interests. These include; the construction and study of agents with potent anti-viral, anti-biotic or anti-cancer properties; synthesis of signal cascade disruptors/enhancers; development of artificial blood; study of structure-activity relations and enzyme mechanism and inhibition; as well as understanding general mechanisms of drug action and the molecular basis of cancer chemoprevention.

An, Songon
High-content imaging for drug discovery

Seley-Radtke, Katherine
Discovery, design and synthesis of enzyme inhibitors for use as medicinal agents with chemotherapeutic emphasis in the areas of anticancer, antiviral, and antiparasitic targets.