Chemistry Graduate Student Association

The Chemistry Graduate Student Association is an active organization dedicated to maintaining a supportive nurturing environment for the department’s graduate students.

Monthly meetings are intended to be an open forum for all graduate students to discuss the state of the department, life as a graduate student, or simply to see what other groups are doing. If a student has any questions about coursework or has a suggestion about how the department can improve in a particular manner, the CGSA is able to present the case to the appropriate faculty members.


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Pictures from social events

The CGSA provides a great opportunity to mingle with fellow graduate students, discuss research and get a general feel for the research community. In the past we have sponsored departmental picnics, faculty/student softball games, the departmental recycling program and various forums and seminars involving faculty from other institutions.

We have recently started a mentoring program for all incoming graduate students. The senior mentors share a common interest in the discipline of the new student and are there to answer any questions to help acclimate the new students.

The Current executive board invites you to contact them with any specific question you may have about the department as well as any other general questions.

Evgenia Barannikova– President

DeLauren McCauley– Vice President

Tonya Santaus – Secretary

Richard Brown – Treasurer


The CGSA has a lounge and kitchen area in room 121 of the Meyerhoff Chemistry Building for current chemistry graduate students to study and relax before a class, store food or microwave their lunch.  Room 123 is available for practicing presentations, informal meetings, luncheons by schedule.  Keys are available from the building and administrative manager, Dennis Cuddy in room 108.