A wide range of research projects center on this sub-discipline including synthesis, structural characterization and structure determination, the study of chemical reactivity, and the mechanisms of organic transformations and associated reactive intermediates and transition states, chiefly of biologically/biochemically active compounds of carbon. Groups here focus extensively on synthesis of nucleoside and nucleoside-like compounds, protein/enzyme binding agents and bio-mimetic complexes. There is also systematic study of reactions and reactive intermediates and the effects of structure on reactivity and mechanism, predominantly of electrophilic species such as epoxides, diazonium ions and carbocations. Additional areas of interest include the structure of, and factors affecting the distribution of, covalent adducts of nucleosides and polynucleotides.

Daniel-Onuta, Marie-Christine
Synthesis of thiolated dendrons for the use in gold nanoparticles stabilization.

Liebman, Joel
The energetics of neutrals and related ions; aromaticity and antiaromaticity; strained rings; compounds with novel functionalities and their energetics.

Ptaszek, Marcin
Synthesis of new tetrapyrrolic derivatives and arrays for fluorescence bioimaging.

Seley-Radtke, Katherine
Development of unique state of the art synthetic organic strategies to solve chemotherapeutic design challenges for the construction of modified heterocycles, carbohydrates and carbocyclic moieties.

Singh, Narsingh
Solidification behavior of binary and ternary organic eutectics, Organic crystals for NLO applications.

Smith, Paul J.
Design and synthesis of inhibitors of replication by Hepatitis C, including analogs of the natural product UK-1 that inhibit the viral helicase enzyme.