Zeev Rosenzweig

Contact Information
Office: MEYR 247A
Phone: 410-455-2521



Dr. Rosenzweig’s research program aims to develop new techniques for the synthesis of 2D and 3D luminescent and electronic nanomaterials. We are focusing primarily on replacing currently used toxic and rare nanomaterials with benign and earth abundant nanomaterials to minimize adverse effects on human health and the environment while reducing the cost of nanotechnology applications. Current research projects in the laboratory involve the synthesis of luminescent quantum dots, luminescent polymer dots, luminescent rare earth containing nanocrystals and 2D materials including but not limited to InSe and Mxenes. We are investigating the role the materials’ composition and surface chemistry play in their functional properties chemical stability, and environmental and human health impact. Of particular interest is the formation of new nanomaterial architectures that combine 2D materials with nanoparticles to form new materials with newly defined functions. We are also investigating the feasibility of using our MXene 2D materials, with or without conjugated luminescent nanoparticles, as delivery vectors in agricultural applications. Finally, we are exploring the use of measurement techniques commonly used in our laboratory in combination with computational techniques (in collaboration with the Bennett laboratory) to interrogate works of art to better understand the impact of various adsorbates on their chemical stability and appearance. Research in our laboratory is supported by research grants from NSF, DOE and the Mellon Foundation.



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