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COVID-19 Information

The following documents are essential to understand before returning to Campus for research activities.

COVID-19 Contact and Symptoms ReportThis must be filled out everyday if you are approved to come to Campus.

COVID-19 Intake Report – Use if you have symptoms whether or not you come to campus.

UMBC’s COVID-19 test result submission form. – Use this link to report off campus COVID-19 test results.

Request for Access to On-Campus Labs to Relaunch Research (RCA) ActivitiesAuthorization for Rotation students or Undergrads

COVID-19 Testing Locations in Baltimore County.

Chemistry Calendar Sign Up

University COVID-19 Information Page

COVID19 Chem_Biochem Research Relaunch Plan – Phase 2

Chemistry PSA Video

Bleach Germicidal Wipes SDS

Isopropanol Germincidal Wipes – SDS

Hand Sanitizer in stand-alone dispensers – SDS