COVID-19 Information

The following documents are essential before returning to campus safely.

All Users:

Effective Friday, March 4, masking is no longer required for much of the campus.

  • Masking remains required in classes, instructional labs, performance spaces, designated masking areas, healthcare settings, on UMBC Transit, and in other limited areas.
  • We ask that all in our community Keep Masks in Mind by carrying a mask with them and respecting one another.
  • All residential students and their guests must wear masks in all spaces in the residence halls and apartments except private rooms.
  • Free KN95 masks are available during business hours at the following locations:
    1. The Police Station front counter
    2. Campus Card and Dining Services
    3. Retriever Activities Center
    4. The Commons Information Center
    5. Albin O. Kuhn Library Circulation Desk

NEW: Report Vaccine Status for the Fall 2021  This also qualifies you for the Financial Incentive Program for State Employees!

Spring 2021 Testing Group Explanation and Instructions

Request to change testing group – Fill out this form if you believe your testing group is wrong

COVID-19 Contact and Symptoms ReportThis must be filled out everyday if you are approved to come to Campus.

COVID-19 Intake Report – Use if you have symptoms whether or not you come to campus.

UMBC’s COVID-19 test result submission form. – Use this link to report off campus COVID-19 test results.

Faculty and Staff

Request for Access to On-Campus Labs to Relaunch Research (RCA) ActivitiesAuthorization for Rotation students or Undergrads

Spring 2021 Office Access To Instructional Faculty 12012020To request campus access for Spring 2021.
Faculty or Staff Opt-Out for On-Campus Access

Form to Request Classes to be changed to online only This form can be used to move courses to online-only OR to set the start or end dates for on-campus activities. Using this form, faculty can easily set a date later in the semester when on-campus activities will commence. By setting the date later in the semester, students won’t be required to do daily symptom monitoring or testing till two weeks before the on-campus activities begin.


Student Opt-Out for On-Campus Access

Departmental and UMBC General Information

University COVID-19 Information Page

COVID-19 Testing Locations in Baltimore County.

Chemistry Calendar Sign Up

COVID19 Chem_Biochem Research Relaunch Plan – Phase 2

Chemistry PSA Video

Bleach Germicidal Wipes SDS

Isopropanol Germincidal Wipes – SDS

Hand Sanitizer in stand-alone dispensers – SDS