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Professor Geddes and the IoF’s Work Featured

November 22, 2013 1:07 PM

For over a decade Professor Geddes and the IoF have described in over 200 peer-reviewed manuscripts and greater than 100 patents, the interactions of Fluorophores (fluorescent molecules / dyes) with Plasmon supporting materials. This area of science, which was originally termed “Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence (MEF)” by Professor Geddes in 2001, has become a very active area of research in the world today, not only academically but also commercially and militarily, with the IoFs work cited » 5000 times today in the peer reviewed literature. To celebrate this very active area of research and the IoFs pioneering work in this field, Professor Geddes and the IoF have organized and published a special themed issue in PCCP (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics) dedicated to Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence (MEF).  An Image from one aspect of the groups MEF work is featured on the front cover of PCCP.

Congratulations to Professor Geddes and the IoF for their continued successes in MEF.

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