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Updated procedures for reimbursements

Reimbursement Policies

Working Fund Checks:

Not often used. Only use in the case of Visa requirements, and or Homeland Security Background checks. Generally initiated by Arlene Odenwald’s office. (5-2624)

We will need documentation of the need for a working fund check (the original invoice). We will make a copy.

The date required to have the check delivered to the payee.

The reason this cannot be paid by P-card or Purchase Order.

The account that will be debited for the check amount.

Allow two business days minimum from the time the paperwork is clocked in at administration for a check to be issued.

Food for CBI Program and / or GSA events:

Food may be ordered from the following caterers:

Chartwell’s:  (443) 612-8378; website:

Glenmore Caterers:  (410) 455-5930; website:

Classic Catering People: (410) 356-1666; website:

Please keep a list of attendees and get the list to Dennis for payment.

If you choose to bring food in from another vendor, Domino’s, Subway, Chipotle, etc:

Purchase food from your vendor of choice, you must obtain a detailed receipt stating what was purchased.

Give the receipt to Ann for processing with a complete list of attendees and announcement of event.

Reimbursements will go into direct deposit in a 6 to 8 week timeframe.

Meals with Seminar Speakers:

No more than three guests plus the speaker are allowed for meals

An itemized invoice of all food and beverages must be submitted in English along with the attendees and seminar announcement.

Alcohol cannot be purchased from State accounts, Please get a separate receipt for alcoholic beverages for a separate submission to the foundation.

Reimbursement is deposited into direct deposit, generally 6 weeks after submission to the Administration building or foundation.

Petty cash for lab supplies or office supplies:

Purchases must be made in cash to be eligible for reimbursement in cash. Purchases made by check or charge card must be reimbursed via the UMBC Request for Reimbursement form.

Reimbursement to any one department is limited to a maximum of $100 per day.

All receipts must be dated within 10 business days of the presentation date.

Original receipts and a petty cash voucher form must be presented. We will keep a photocopy of each.

If more than one PeopleSoft account is being charged on the voucher, a sub-total for each account must be shown on the voucher when it is presented.

All paperwork must be presented in person.

Food for Picnics:

Get the provisions list from the front office, this will give you the minimum amount of food to get for the group.

Ask for the Money in the safe to help offset your purchases

Keep receipts of all your purchases, get them to Michele for reimbursement

Have a signup sheet for all attendees. We will need that for the reimbursement submission

Reimbursement is via direct deposit, generally the same day as payday, usually 3 pay periods from when paperwork is submitted.