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X-ray Contour scan

Dr. Singh and his group is involved in materials research and technology development, which is strategically focused on selecting, modeling, growing, fabricating and coating electro-optical (EO) materials for detectors, RF materials for high power RF and electronics, and materials for radiation detectors. He has personally performed and managed research for many development programs for bulk and nano engineered, FPA materials such as CZT and most recently Si based substrates for MCT substrates and CZT for radiation detection, acousto-optic (AO) based sensors, dielectric materials, QPM structures for Mid-IR lasers and AlN and SiC substrates for high power RF and high temperature microelectronics, organic materials for substrates and nonlinear optical (NLO) applications and radiation detector materials. He has transferred AO sensor technologies using TAS, high temperature UV filter for PMAWS system, and hyperspectral imaging technology based on TAS crystals for far-IR wavelength. His researches can be summarized as:

  • Nanocubes and Nanodots for SWIR and MWIR detectors
  • Chemical and materials processes
  • Dielectric Materials with colossal values for high pulse power
  • Nanowires based Naño-APDS
  • Radiation Detectors and Materials
  • AOTF based Hyperspectral Imagers
  • NLO Materials for MWIR and LWIR Laser Development Novel approach for Diamon-Al and Diamond-Cu Heat spreader
  • SiC Bulk single crystals and novel large area materials for Commercial/Defense Applications
  • UV Filter Sensors for Missile Warning
  •  Ga2O3 and  SiC –AlN Wurtzite materials for Commercial and Defense Electronics
  • Laser host materials for high power lasers
  • Naño-Engineered Quantum Dot limiters for Laser threat
  • Focal Plane Materials and IR detectors
  • MWIR and LWIR Lasers_
  • Organic Materials for Substrates and high efficiency NLO Applications