(2/2) Dr. Shiv Halasyamani

Dr. Shiv Halasyamani

University of Houston

Friday, February 2, 2024
12:00 Noon
Room 120 – Meyerhoff Chemistry Building
Host: Dr. Joe Bennett

“New NLO Materials: Design, Synthesis, and Crystal Growth”

Nonlinear optical (NLO) materials are critical in generating coherent light through frequency conversion, e.g., second harmonic generation (SHG). From the ultraviolet (UV) to the infrared (IR), NLO materials have expanded the range of the electromagnetic spectrum accessible by solid-state lasers.

Wavelengths where NLO materials are still needed include the UV (~200 – 400nm) and deep UV (< 200nm). Coherent deep-ultraviolet (DUV) light has a variety of technologically important uses including photolithography, atto-second pulse generation, and in advanced instrument development. Design strategies will be discussed, as well as synthetic methodologies. In
addition, the crystal growth, characterization, and structure-property relationships in new UV and DUV NLO materials discovered in our laboratory will be presented. Finally, our crystal growth capabilities and recent crystal growth of functional materials will be described.